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so in case you haven’t attended a FKA twigs show she does a bit of dancing (duh she’s a dancer). This is the highlight of the night when she played Webster Hall

#OnlyForBae #YetYallPlay

Start of fall looks.




This shit so accurate that I’m sitting in silence


Dior Homme S/S 2014 lookbook, ph Laurence Ellis

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It’s almost been two weeks since Snoop Dogg stole one of his instagram followers’ photos and reuploaded it with a homophobic slur and he hasn’t apologized. But hey, he didn’t apologize for saying that gay and bisexual men weren’t “man” enough to deserve respect in the rap scene but I guess you guys are just going to ignore that one too.

@ all of you hey why are you so quiet today?

Nobody condones what he said and clearly you’re targeting the black and hop hop community (made up of black people) in this rude, condescending post. within OUR community we already discussed this and we certainly are disgusted with his homophobia but you just sound like you’ve been waiting for a black person to fuck up so you can look to us and be like “y’all are being so quiet”. this post was so obviously and passive aggressively targeted at black folks lmfao. Nobody is going to forget that he is a homophobe though, trust me and nobody is gonna forgive him till he apologizes so get the fuck out my face with this condescending tone

slay him ^

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Nobody Can Danai | Danai Gurira, photographed by Gomillion & Leupold for Essence Magazine (October 2013)

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Krizia Robustella Spring Summer 2015


Barbara Cole - White Noise, 2008